Posted on Jun 26, 2019

Kaizen: Tactical Martial Arts Reedsburg

Kaizen: Tactical Combatives offers Non-Traditional Martial Arts, and focuses on Practical and Effective Self-Defense. No Tournaments, No Memorizing Forms, No Fancy Poses, and No wasting your time with impractical skills that simply DON'T WORK.

If you're tired of traditional martial arts training, and tired of dealing with instructors who spend more time bragging about their titles and trophies than they do actually teaching you anything worth remembering, then Kaizen Martial Arts and Tactical Combatives is your solution.

No Rank, No Titles, No Traditional Styles... Only the natural ability to fight and defend yourself based on real-time strategies, concept application, muscle memory, situational awareness, adaptation, and improvisation.

Here you will NOT attend tournaments, memorize traditional forms, practice fancy poses, and waste your time on titles and rank. Instead, you will learn to fight and defend yourself using tactical close quarters combat strategies.

Fight the way you train... Train the way you fight.
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